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Your domain name is a rare and valuable asset.
  There is only "one" like it in the world..

 We are putting up for sale several domain names dealing with the redevelopment of Asbury Park, New Jersey. We purchased these names because we felt the future is the internet and are targeting companies that could greatly benefit from their value. Your domain name is the address of your business on the internet. Location, location.
These names have unlimited potential and could easily put any individual agent, builder, or real estate company dealing with Asbury Park real estate to the front of the class with name recognition.
There are several ways that these names can be used including:

*Bringing any Asbury Park business to the top of the search engines for instant exposure 
*Bringing a business with a second or third tier domain name to instant recognition by pointing to your existing site to attract this search engine and type-in traffic.
*Utilizing the web address to promote your company and getting paid by additional advertisers
*Some companies easily spend $500.00-$1000.00 a month using a pay per click or a SEO company to get exposure. Your company would own the phrase or phrases that they are paying for!
In summary, this is an opportunity or an investment in the future, if you believe the internet will play an important role in the Asbury Park Real Estate market.  If you can buy a domain name for a reasonable price that is worth tens of thousands or more to your business, then it's clearly a bargain. It only takes one sale for these web addresses to pay for themselves many times over, and you own it for ever!

Contact us today and we'll help you reach the #1 ranking on Yahoo and Google

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